“Sin título”


Bastión Moral has been navigating all his life the prostheses of genre. In puberty, surfing the codes of normative womanhood through beauty contests, which define what is an inescapable condition to become (even if it is an infinite aspiration that never materializes) a good woman. And currently, embarking on a trans passability that seeks, unsuccessfully, to achieve a rigid culture crossed by binomials. Because precisely the sex-gender binomial is a broken algorithm that never solves the problems it poses.

The management of the codes with which sex-gender is programmed is not a neutral knowledge, but it is rather (like any code) inscribed in the bodies with a violence that grows exponentially in the face of lack of clarity, in the absence of a consensus between the person who embodies the code and the institutions that impose its use. Bastión Moral knows from first source all the corporal violence that compromises the construction of hegemonic beauty, but also the violence that does not coincide with its parameters. It is violent to seek to embody an impossible, such as the westernized beauty of the ideal woman, but it is also violent to apostatize her, because in resignation there is a claim that the "cistem" (the system based on cisgenderism) is not capable of assimilating.

Gender as a prosthesis, when it is not explicit, hurts. For this reason, making prostheses visible can become a way to heal the wounds left by the cisnorm. If the relationship with sex-gender were a BDSM game, where pact and consensus are a fundamental part of the practice, there would certainly be fewer wounds and scars in our dissident stories. That is why the Bastión Moral project stresses all these elements, building prostheses of consensual pleasure from those other prostheses, violated by the discourse of beauty, thus offering an alchemical exercise of deviant healing.

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