The binary conception of the world is a fundamental tool in the construction of an Absolute State that fosters an idealized world based on utopias and parameters of personal fulfillment that keep the collective in a state of total passivity.

From this theoretical framework, a dystopian universe is constructed. In a hypothetical future, in which progressive dehumanization has reached its limit, society lives subjected to the designs of an absolute power that controls it meticulously from its most primal drives: greed, desire, fear, the search for social approval and more; configuring an illusory freedom for the individual.

This illusion is manipulated from the fear of exclusion from the values of this society, represented in the acquisition of consumer goods and social interaction, which has been limited to digital spaces.

From this perspective, the theme of "the binary" is approached from three angles: technology, gender and rhythmic beats.


Original Work

Laura Mandelik y Victoria Mussi

Concept and development

Laura Mandelik, Victoria Mussi


Negib Giha, Laura Mandelik


Victoria Mussi

Guest Artist

Bettina Brizuela


Paolo Allegretti


Alexander Campuzano, Christian Kent, Gloria Ferres, Jullia Betancor, Margarita Zaldivar, Negib Giha, Rafael Morón, Valeria Hooge