Gender on the Internet


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Talk aimed at introducing the relationship between human rights and technology in a general way, in order to lay the foundations to reflect upon. The concept of cyberspace, cyberfeminism and how the Internet works, and the thematic axes of the activity and how they relate to Art, will be presented.

Gender, from the point of view of philosophy. Theoretical part from the point of view of feminism and gender. Speaking from Art + Cyberfeminism. Cyberpunk and cyborgfeminism.

Is technology neutral? Exhibition about the relationship between gender and new technologies. We will reflect on how cultural and social issues pre-existing the implementation of technology are represented in the same way in the digital ecosystem: addressing the challenge of a space free of violence on the Internet. How to combat the digital gender gap? Does the offline context impact the online one and vice versa?

Speakers: Paloma Lara Castro (PY), Lía Colombino (PY) y Nayla Portas (ARG)

Moderator: Belén Giménez


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