Freedom of Expression on the Internet


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What is the right to freedom of expression? Examples of regional court decisions based on events in Latin America will be presented. How does it manifest itself in the Paraguayan context? Does surveillance violate freedom of expression? The new regulations on copyright: art and copyright on the Internet. How does it affect freedom of expression on the Internet? How do technology companies work in terms of content moderation on their platforms? How do they affect freedom of expression? How can it affect the work of journalists and independent media? How can the violation of the principle of net neutrality put freedom of expression at risk? Right to privacy and right to freedom of expression as related rights.

Disinformation and hate speech, threats to the public sphere: what is the scope of fake news? We will reflect on the impact of disinformation on society and on democracy.

Speakers: Alejandro Valdez (PY), Amalia Toledo (PR) y Griselda Fresler (ARG)

Moderator: Fredi Casco


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