Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making: conceptualization of the referred terminology and other related concepts. Existing discussions in this regard at a comparative level and their relationship to the applicable regulations will be presented.

What is Artificial Intelligence? What is NOT AI? Machine learning techniques. What are algorithms? How do they work? What is my data for? How are algorithms trained? For what? How do they benefit me? How do they harm me? Examples: algorithms that classify, order, rank, recommend. Decision-making algorithms: platform jobs, school vacancies, credits, etc. The concept of "black box". Errors and biases: How do biases influence? Deepening inequalities. Ethics and Human Rights. How is technology, especially AI, related to art? How is it interpreted from Art?

Speakers: Micaela Magtegna (ARG), July Paciello (PY)

Moderator: Maricarmen Sequera


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