Ut(app)ías del deseo


A work in progress developed telematically between Adriana Peralta and Jazmín Ruíz Díaz, who currently live in two geographically different spaces: one in London and the other in Asunción. In their case, the internet, the time difference and the physical distance, have been a substantial part of the way of working.

The project is based on a critical investigation around dating applications that today intervene on a daily basis in the sex/affective relationships of a large part of the Internet user population. In this way, they pose the question of how much the dating app interfaces condition the forms of circulation of desire, even desire itself, and thus they unfold a series of questions that can serve as triggers for dissent.

In addition to texts, quotes and illustrations, the research presents a part of embodied work where the artists, using their own body, seek to test and question the apparent transparency of the ways of representation of these applications. From the study of the selfie, a kind of digital identity card, they explore how the subject is reduced to the pure surface of the facial image (especially so that corporate artificial intelligence has us clearly identified and recognizable). This is how the selfie determines the operation of the platforms and the organization of desire, at the same time that it naturalizes a series of filters determined by commercial companies that not only homogenize our faces, but also configure a kind of truthful document disturbed by that layer seemingly invisible. Adriana and Jazmín seek to make explicit the possible filters on the image, opening the possibility of becoming a cyborg or an alien, in that game of currently closed projections that dating apps are.

Their project seeks to open up a space for new figurations of sexual inclinations, inaugurating the construction of a deviant catalog of utopias of desire, a bestiary of infinite possibilities to explore the libidinal formations and deformations that, without a doubt, we deserve to have.

Video about profile and process: