Nuevo desorden mundial


The piece by Vena Rota is formalized as a conspiranoid perfoweb in which the fears of reactionary subjectivity that fear losing its power over the construction of the world resonate. That is why this perfoweb necessarily dialogues, albeit from sarcasm, with the conservative political, social and media contingency of Paraguay. The same one that accuses the work of human rights NGOs, the discourses of gender ideology (never before has Judith Butler's philosophy been explained so well summarized), identity politics or abortion feminism, of imposing a “new world order”.

Vena Rota appropriates this terminology by betting on a new world disorder, a non-heterosexual one, sterile in the way of Lee Edelman and at the same time utopian and vitalist in the line of José Esteban Muñoz. A new world disorder that appeals to another sensitive disposition, hacker and abortionist, an agenda of fragility that affects the old prevailing constitutions. And in effect, from the point of view of the legal codes, the disorder will be different from how its guardians imagined it.

There is a strange form of sustainability involved in this policy of letting some parts die so that others can be born. Reorganizing life implies being able to turn the historically received violence into a sexual fetish that proudly embodies what has hitherto been declared pathological. It is the power of the deviant that pleases its own filth without conditions.

In the old order, comfort was anchored in the exclusivity of the heteronorm, of cis-sexuality, the naturalization of racism, the control of the bodies and the network. But, in disorder, the comfort of privilege is extinguished. And the worst thing is that there is no one to blame, no head to cut off. There is no one behind, but an uncontrolled micropolitical crowd, like a virus running through the veins of the world, or through the optic fiber wiring under the oceans, an indisputable part of its contemporary arteries, that can also be broken veins.

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