I am not Naitsirc Ortsac


What would happen if from one day to the next the internet crashed and with it all the containers and contents that inhabit the network? Naitsirc Ortsac's project is a by-product of the confinement and the series of "unproductive insights" that have been facilitated by the pandemic. A time that led to rethinking how much of the self-representation was being filtered by the rules and formats of proprietary platforms such as Instagram. What happens when the body emancipates itself from the square, when it emancipates itself from the specific seconds that a platform allows for the moving image? What if we stopped submitting to the scroll culture? Is it possible to think of navigation between platforms, and their ideological frameworks, as ways of transitioning between spaces for self-representation?

The project "Ai am not Naitsirc Ortsac" is a life diary in screenshot format. It is about exposing the source code (what is not usually seen) of ‘Chancleta’ or a range of identity overflows that, beyond the surface of the desktop and the screen, navigate and transit in the disorderly randomness of the multiple possible selves. In some way it is an abyss of the self, where, as if it were a Russian doll, a thing replicates itself inside itself causing a bottomless depth. If the screens and desks lead us to a constant relationship with the surface, the exercise proposed by Naitsirc Ortsac forces us to interrogate those surfaces as an interface for self-representation, and as if it were the overloaded record of an era, indicate its failure and own closure. Because, despite all the hopes placed on the surface as an argument for the visible and therefore for the truth, the achievement of the algorithm of subjectivity is a failed impulse, the fate of its own failure and an impossible fiction that on the surface of the screen cannot be captured.

Video about profile and process: